Professional furniture makers generally specialize

Solid wood, being fibrous in nature shrinks and expands across the grain as it takes in or loses moisture. This may be unequal on each side of a board causing bowing or twisting. There are also internal stresses caused during the growth stages of the tree and subsequent seasoning. Solid wood construction has to provide for timber movement. Well designed solid wood construction should either minimize the problem of movement or allow for it, even while maximising the strength of the material. arti mimpi

Professional furniture makers generally specialize in using either “solid” or “manufactured” wood. There are times when both these methods are combined. Just because most modern furniture is made of veneered chipboard, this construction technique is not necessarily inferior to solid wood and can often last longer with proper care and handling. Before the advent of manufactured board, almost all furniture makers used solid wood, but modern solid wood is commonly referred to chair making, frames and small carcase work using traditional joints. Veneered work is predominantly “flat panel” work using a manufactured board such as chipboard or MDF as the base material.