How to study smarter?

Studying smarter is better than studying harder. Just reading and re-reading textbooks or notes is not actively engaging in the study material and concepts. Only completing the lessons for the class or for sake of the test is not studying. Reading leads to early forgetting. One must adapt a few study techniques to improve his study habits and must follow them wisely. The techniques will not make study boring and long.

Study guide for every subject

Studying is not just reading and memorising. Studying is the task of reading, writing, making notes, understanding, revising and practising. These all things must go in a proper flow. Organising and planning will help one to study enthusiastically. For every subject, the study method may change. For instance, maths methods cannot be followed to study biology. The concepts in biology like cell, tissues, reverse osmosis, photosynthesis have to be studied in a different way than concepts in mathematics like linear equations, probability and so on. Each subject has its own method to study and revise.

Create a learning space

Creating a specific space just for studying, it can be at a desk in your room or a table in any part of the house, will give you the positive vibes to study and stay focused. Minimise distractions by studying in calm places. Don’t let your mind be distracted by other entertainment, such as phones, radio and television. Keep your study place away from distractions and train the mind to stay focused.

Spacing out the study process

All the students have the habit of gulping down the entire syllabus, just the day before the exam. This method develops the stress in the mind and gives negative results. The study process and the syllabus must be divided for studying on a daily basis. The day before the exam the revision can be done. Important topics like the periodic table, reverse osmosis process, chemical formula, nomenclature must be given special attention and studied thoroughly the day before the exam. The lessons, concepts must be spaced out and divided while studying. Everything cannot be studied and understood in a single flow.

Examine yourself

The best way to see if the student is prepared for the exam or not is to examine yourself. One can take a test, or solve a sample paper couple of days before the exam and examine if he is prepared for the examination. By doing this one will come to know where he stands and he will get room to rectify the mistakes and study further. This also helps in proper time management in the examination and aids in scoring well.

Accept your mistakes

It is okay to commit a mistake but accepting the mistake is the major task. For instance, while solving a sample paper a day before the exam if he scores less then it is not a big issue. One gets a chance to know in which concepts he lacks and he will get a chance to improve and correct the mistakes. The study process will be simpler, instead of studying the entire book one can just study what concepts he is lacking. This saves a major amount of time.

Students must have a proper understanding of the concept to score well. To understand the concept he must follow proper study methods and techniques. These proper study techniques help in achieving good grades and improving the skills like reading and writing. Proper study habits must be inculcated amongst the students in order to have a basic understanding and deep learning of the concepts.