All About Temporary Work Visa To USA

Globally, there are numerous people that look forward to enhancing a career in US but all of those individuals require specific visa that cater to their requirement. Whether you want to go as a temporary agricultural worker or are being employed in the IT  hk visa status sector, non-immigrant temporary visa is a must. As per the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, all of the visas have to be approved by it before the employer can file for sponsoring the visa.

With a host of non-immigrant temporary work visas that USCIS offers, you might be eligible for entering US for employment. The basic visa categories include the coveted H category which is issued to critical skills and knowledge workers (H-1B) and the temporary agricultural/seasonal workers (H-2B). While those with special skills and extraordinary abilities in business/art and science receive the O-1 visa and those on international cultural exchange are given the Q visa.

Within company transfers, L- visa is the norm if you are looking at work visa, when the company transfers you to the US office, For crew members it is D visa while the religious workers are granted the R visa. For media and press individuals, it is I visa and the investor/trade visa is E visa.Before you go ahead and file for visa, it is good to know that all visa category approvals on Form I- 129 are cleared by the USCIS. The Form I-129 is the Non-immigration worker petition which has to be filed in by the potential employer 180 days before the employment has to start. In case, USCIS approves the requirement for hiring a foreign worker on a temporary work visa, Form I-797 or the Notice of Action will be issued to the potential employer. However, now you are not required to carry the copy of the petition but just need to have the receipt number of the Form I-129 so that at the time of the interview the authentication and validity of your temporary work visa application can be done.


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